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Jul 3, 2009

BBC radio on the mac via widgets BBC radio widget BBC radio widget

Since getting my mac, I am loving itunes.
I know that it was available for windows, but was always quite happy with windows player so never really looked at itunes.

However, one thing has been bugging me, not with itunes itself, but with the BBC’s lack of support for radio streaming via itunes.
Living outside the UK I have been listening to BBC radio over the internet for years. However I found it rather tedious having to open up the bbc web site everytime I wanted to boot up the radio and, worse still, having to repeat the process everytime the browser crashed (interestingly more often now with Firefox 3.5) so have tried endless “tricks” to get it streamed via itunes with no luck.

However, this morning I have found a great widget for doing just this – streaming BBC radio straight to my mac with no browsers and no searching.

I got the widget from
250kb and a one click install! (I love the easiness of Mac programme installs 🙂 )

Simple and sweet, the way it should be 🙂

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