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Mar 12, 2010

Ajax Availability Calendar v3 released

In January 2008 I released for public downloading the first version of my Ajax Availability Calendar.

Over the first few months I continually developed it, fixing bugs and taking into account the suggestions and requests made by the many people who gave feedback on the forum. It finally settled down to a “version 2” state and, due to work commitments, I had to let it lie for a while.

When I initially started on the script the idea was that it was to simply be a calendar to show availability with an AJAX interface to be able to update the calendar date states simply by clicking on them (ie no need to reload the page each time you need to set the availability of the dates). I imagined that it would be implemented on websites by web developers like myself so this script would just become “part” of the integration.
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Mar 8, 2008

New script – php / ajax availability calendar

Caledar DetailI needed a quick and simple php/ajax script for an calendar for the Gabinohome web to allow advertisers to display availability for their properties. Unable to find anything appropiate in the web (free) I decided to create my own – feel free to take a look and download it from my AVAILABILITY CALENDAR script. As it seemed to turn out quite well, I have even made it my first script in Hotscripts 01/02/2008 – edit – script has now been viewed 2214 times and downloaded 110 times 🙂 I hope people are finding it useful.