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Mar 8, 2008

VSO Image Resizer – image resizing for windows vista

VSO Image ResizerOne (of the many) things that I miss having moved over from XP to Vista is the good old Microsoft Image Resizer Powertoy. This was so easy to use as it added an extra menu option to the right click menu list that allowed you, when clicking on an image, instantly resize it or make a copy of it any size you wanted.
As currently there is nothing like this available I have been forced to look for an alternative, a very quick google search came up with an excellent alternative – the VSO Image Resizer. This free tool is probably even better than the microsoft power toy! It has a large list of predefined sizes and formats and of course allows you to define your own dimensions. You can choose to create a copy or overwrite the original image. This tool is an absolute must for anyone looking to upload photos to the internet or to send lightweight photos via email.